State Center Solar

The story of State Center Municipal Utility's project to build a nearly 1 MW solar array to help forge a sustainable future for the community.

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Their Story

State Center, the Rose Capital of Iowa, is proud of it’s history. It’s residents develop their future, while honoring their past. They work hard to preserve the unique history of their town, and they look to the future of their community by going solar!


JULY 2017

Request for Proposal

State Center Municipal Utilities completes the Request for Proposal process by signing with Iowa Wind and Solar to complete their 979.5 kW solar project.

August 2017


The solar array designs and electrical plans are finalized by Tyler Anderson and the solar engineering team at Iowa Wind and Solar

October 2017

Breaking Ground

Ground breaks at the solar array location in State Center! Posts are Driven into the ground to support the racking and solar modules.

November 2017

Installation of Racking

Racking for the solar modules is installed.

November 2017

Facebook Livestream

The installation is streamed live on FaceBook each day for everyone to watch and enjoy throughout the process. (Link to IAWS FaceBook)

November 2017

Solar Module Installation

Solar module installation begins. This fixed solar array project requires 2,840 Silfab Solar North American made modules.

November 2017

Completion of Solar Module Installation

Solar module installation is completed! The electrical work continues and a fence surrounding the perimeter is installed.

December 2017

Inspections and commissioning

The solar field is inspected and commissioned! The residents of State Center begin to receive clean, renewable power from State Center Municipal Utilities, stabilizing their utility rates.